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North Queensland's Best Camper Trailer Hire

Enjoy and do what we love best, camping in our backyard of Far North Queensland to Cape York with our fleet of reliable, well-maintained and treasured fully equipped off-road camper trailers.

At our backdoor we have Cape York, the Gulf of CarpentariaLawn Hill and an abundance of fantastic national parks.

The choice of destinations is endless and our camper trailers will make your trip trouble-free and enjoyable.

We are a family-based business and our camper trailers are fully equipped — yes, we do have "bells and whistles" but we believe your comfort will make for your total outdoor enjoyment.

We encourage you to check out what we have to offer and contact us now to book your Cairns Camper Trailer Hire experience.

Camping is our lifestyle and business — your enjoyment and camping adventure is our pleasure.


Checkout our fleet of reliable, well maintained and treasured FULLY EQUIPPED Off-Road Camper Trailers.

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